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Extending vocabulary connected with ecology in BNP

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Biebrza National Park
The park has a wild natural beauty. A part of the Biebrza River flows through the park. The width of the river varies from a few meters to more than ten meters in some places. It is the meandering river with several bends and backwaters.

In the Biebrza National Park, you may get to see a diverse variety of plants - some of them are very rare species. Various boreal species and glacial relics are found here as the region favors their growth.

You may also see the shrub birch, downy pillow, Hudson's Bay bulrush, moor king, marsh saxifrage and cord root in the BNP.

For 67 of these are protected in Poland and 45 are on the verge of extinction. There is also a possibility to see leper lily, dwarf marsh violet and bog willow.

The chief attraction of Biebrza National Park is perhaps the variety of birds that you get to see here. It is truly a bird watcher's paradise. It has unique waterfowl enclaves where you can observe up to 271 bird species. you may catch sight of flocks of Ruffs, Yellow Wagtails, Marsh Harriers, White-tailed eagles or even a fly-by-ring-tailed Hen Harrier.

You can also hear skylarks, Meadow Pipits, Linnet Reed buntings and an occasional cuckoo even if you do not actually see them. Apart from this, there is a wide variety of mammals that can be found here. There are 10 different species of bats, a rare variety of dormouse and different types of amphibians, reptiles and fish that are to be found there.

Mini-dictionary connected with ecology:
- untouched fenlands
- rare wetland birds, mammals
- boreal species, glacial relics
- shrub birch, downy pillow, marsh saxifrage, cord root
- marsh violet, bog willow
- waterfowl enclaves
- white-tailed eagle
- skylarks,
- dormouse
- amphibians